NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge

96 submitted works

  • TT-bot


    TTbot is a mobile robotic platform for indoor object collection. We utilized deep learning in both robotic perception and motion planning.

  • Doctor Hazel

    Doctor Hazel

    Doctor Hazel is a real time and cancer screening platform powered by artificial intelligence and Nvidia Jetson TX1.

  • JETSONAR Smart Security System

    JETSONAR Smart Security System

    JETSONAR is Smart Security System for detection, recognition and location of different noise types in real time.

  • Clean Water AI

    Clean Water AI

    Using AI and Jetson TX1 to detect water quality around the water sources in real time

  • Blamange


    The Blamange AI Cluster accelerates TensorFlow and parallel Deep Learning linearly up to 128 Jetsons on a single LAN

  • Ai-Nimals


    Ai-Nimals was created for making statistics of birds specious which are visiting my winter birds feeder in the garden in winter in Poland.

  • Deep Learning Bird Camera

    Deep Learning Bird Camera

    A robotic platform to detect, identify, and record birds in the wild. Uses Tensorflow and a YOLO v2 model to detect when birds are present.

  • V - Watching n Talking for Smart Car n Home

    V - Watching n Talking for Smart Car n Home

    In car, It sees dangers outside, recognizes hands, talks friendly. In house, It provides you TV health care game and warns you in wrong pose

  • Online Chinese Chess Platform

    Online Chinese Chess Platform

    Online Chinese Chess Platform with AI. Self learning by Chess Game. Pretending to use deep learning in the AI and improve human performance.

  • Autonomous small tractor

    Autonomous small tractor

    By using the Jetson, Linux and a suite of sensors and actuators we fully automate a small tractor to allow it to drive itself.

  • Demonstration for Promotion of Deep Learning

    Demonstration for Promotion of Deep Learning

    We are accelerating the promotion of deep learning by demonstrating various algorithms under investigation with Jetson.

  • Secure Pedestrian Crossing

    Secure Pedestrian Crossing

    The product purpose is to enhance the safety of people on pedestrian crossing by aletring both driver and pedestian.

  • Growout House Robotics

    Growout House Robotics

    The GOHbot is a project based on the Jetson TX2 seeking to bring autonomous egg collection to chicken houses using Deep Learning.


    On-UAV realtime detection of storm damage

    On-UAV realtime detection of storm damage

    We have developed an integrated on-UAV system for performing damage assessment on live video and providing a geographic context.

  • Realtime crop disease diagnosis

    Realtime crop disease diagnosis

    We have developed a vision system for realtime detection and diagnosis of common crop diseases, designed for autonomous agricultural robots.

  • Turtle for DeepStream

    Turtle for DeepStream

    Turtle is a user interface for prototyping computer vision processing pipelines using Nvidia DeepStream on the Jetson platform.